CleanEarth Commission Three Turbines this Autumn

Craigthornhill Turbine

CleanEarth (CE) commissioned three turbine sites this Autumn – Craigthornhill and Boghead in Scotland, and Lodge Farm in Leicestershire – compounding CE’s position as the UK leader in single mid-scale turbines.


CE’s expert in-house team overcame several difficult technical hurdles during the construction of Boghead, which required laying 8km of cable and a 280m directional drill under the river Avon. Innovation was also key at CE’s Scottish sites as Craigthornhill is home to the first turbine of its kind in the UK.


The three turbines demonstrate an impressive expansion of CE’s portfolio, marking their first projects in Scotland and Leicestershire respectively. With more projects in the pipeline, CE’s growing portfolio is offering increased benefits to the environment and adding to the amount of carbon savings being contributed. Lodge Farm alone will save the equivalent of 740 tonnes of CO2 a year, which will equate to nearly 15,000 tonnes during its lifetime.

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