CleanEarth Community Fund Helps to Set-Up Charity Trust

Greensplat Turbine

The community fund at Treverbyn Parish Council have set up a Charity Trust with the aim of advertising the CleanEarth (CE) funding to the local community. The trust will allow local community groups and organisations to apply to the fund, which is generated by CE’s Gunheath and Greensplat turbines; our collaboration projects with Imerys.



The community benefit provided by CleanEarth has made a tremendous difference to the local area benefitting a range of community groups from village halls to sports clubs…CleanEarth are a local company helping to regenerate industrially disturbed land in close proximity to a number of small communities. They have done this by providing financial support and building a strong relationship with the local community over the last two years through attending community events and educational days for local primary schools and through holding extensive public consultations. We feel that everyone has always been well-informed from the very early stages of site selection, through to working with the closest residents to screen houses post installation

Peter Clemo – Chairman of the Community Fund at Treverbyn Parish Council


CE are proud to have part of all the projects which help to facilitate the creation of a better future for the local area and the support of its residents. We very much look forward to see how the fund will be spent and the benefits it will provide.

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