If you’re trying to make sense of what’s going on in the energy sector – especially in the field of renewables – then our Energy Outlook 2018 should help you cut through the clutter and find answers to the most pressing questions.

This is our review of the most important news, trends and analysis of recent months, along with our own insights gained from working with businesses on renewable energy projects across the UK.


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The energy sector is complex, dynamic and constantly evolving, so we’ve broken it down into the key energy-related issues that UK businesses face. Our aim is to present the essential facts alongside our take on what they mean for business owners and managers. And our hope is that greater clarity and understanding will help inform better decision-making and reinforce a wider commitment to action.

If you want to drill down into the detail on any of the subjects covered, we’ve put together an extensive bibliography with links to the primary sources for data and analysis.

We would also be happy to answer any questions you have about Energy Outlook 2018 and the implications for your business of its contents and conclusions. Just get in touch with us.



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