Energy Outlook 2018 – further reading

Here are links to the various source materials quoted in the CleanEarth Energy Outlook 2018.

While these links were all working fine at the time of publication (5 January 2018) they are on other people’s websites so are liable to being updated, amended or deleted over time.


    p11 (top): UK renewable generating capacity

    p11 (middle): Global solar PV generating capacity

    p11 (bottom): Global wind generating capacity

    p13: UK Estimated future energy costs

    p25: Global battery storage capacity

    p33 (top): Technologies by scale and control

    p33 (bottom): Renewable energy country attractiveness


B. SHOW ME THE NUMBERS (pages 38 to 41)

    UK Government: Climate Change Act 2008

    Grist: China plans to create 13 million clean energy jobs by 2020

    REN21: Renewables 2017 Global Status Report

    REN21: Renewables 2017 Global Status Report (Exec Summary)

    Bloomberg: New Energy Outlook

    Bloomberg: New Energy Outlook

    Quartz: Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change?

    Bloomberg: New Energy Outlook

    The Guardian: Carbon Countdown Clock

    NOAA: Climate at a Glance

    The Guardian: California’s big battery experiment

    NOAA: Climate at a Glance

    Climate Signals: Increased Atmospheric Moisture

    BEIS: Energy & Climate Change Public Attitude Tracker (Wave 22)

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Big oil becomes greener

    Edie: Investors implore banking firms to champion climate disclosure

    Committee on Climate Change: Energy Prices and Bills – impacts of meeting carbon budgets

    Unearthed: David Attenborough on climate change, optimism and Blue Planet II










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