Exploring the Benefits of Wind Energy

benefits of wind energy

In this article we explore the benefits of wind energy and the process of installing a wind turbine.

How does Wind Energy work?

The process is relatively straightforward – wind turbines generate electricity via the blades at the top of each turbine which spin when wind is present. This spinning process turns a generator inside the turbine which then produces the electricity.

Unlike other wind turbines, CleanEarth Energy turbines do not use a gearbox to turn the generator. This means that the turbine uses less rotating components and therefore less maintenance is required due to wear and tear.

Wind energy is a constantly developing sector and the technology behind the turbines themselves is no different. By utilising the latest technology and our in-house expertise, all CleanEarth Energy turbines deliver:

  • High energy output
  • Low levels of noise (a critical element in planning applications and approvals)
  • Low maintenance requirements

Wind Turbine Process – Planning, Approval & Installation

To enjoy the benefits of wind energy and for it to be a viable option for businesses or landowners the first step in the process would be to arrange a site visit to discuss the financial returns, identify a suitable location and consider any potential planning issues that may arise. Once planning has been approved, a connection to the grid established and an agreement put in place, we then proceed with installation, whilst ensuring there is minimal disruption to your business.

Once installed, we undertake regular wind turbine operation and maintenance procedures to optimise performance and income. As part of our service we also make annual community contributions to local beneficiaries for the lifetime of the turbine.

The below timeline showcases the processes involved when installing a wind turbine for your business:


What are the Benefits of Wind Energy?

There are many benefits to be made from wind energy but the most significant is that wind is a natural and limitless source of renewable energy. The UK’s climate is a leading resource of wind energy, making it an ideal location for landowners to install wind turbines and enjoy the many financial benefits they offer.

By installing a turbine, landowners and businesses could benefit from guaranteed land rental income for 25 years with no capital investment on their part. In addition to this, installing or embracing wind power improves your green credentials by generating power via a sustainable and renewable source. What’s more, after only a few years following the installation, wind turbines can recover their carbon debt created during the manufacturing process.

Why use CleanEarth Energy for Wind Energy?

CleanEarth Energy are the market leader in mid-range, individual wind turbines in the UK.  Thanks to our wealth of experience and expertise in planning and logistic we were the first renewable energy company to secure planning permission for new wind turbines after the restrictions to planning recently introduced by the UK Government.

As the leading UK wind turbine installer, our expert team assess all aspects of the site as well as undertake detailed surveys to determine whether or not the site is the best solution for you.

We can install a Wind Turbine for free!

In addition, we can finance the entirety of the wind turbine installation. This means the installation is free to you with no capital investment and, as the owner of the land, you would then receive 8-10% of the wind turbine’s gross income as land rental. You can find out more about our wind energy finance options below:



Pengelly Wind Turbine: Pioneering community scheme where CleanEarth partnered with communities to develop local renewable energy.


Trethawle Farm:


Trewanta Park:


Papillon – Kennards House:


If you would like to know more about how wind energy and installing a turbine could reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, contact our expert team today.

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