Renewable Energy Solutions – Your Commercial Options

commercial renewable energy solutions

With energy costs continuing to rise, evolving energy legislation and the growing concerns around climate change, there is now more than ever, a clear need for low-cost, alternative renewable energy solutions.

At CleanEarth Energy we advise a variety of commercial businesses and customers on the renewable energy options available to them, as well as manage the complete installation process.

In most cases, the installation of renewable energy solutions (solar PV & wind turbines) can prove to be a positive decision for businesses as they offer significant energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and operate as an income generator.

As part of our customer service we analyse different business needs and identify the best renewable energy solutions for them. Listed below are the potential benefits that our commercial wind and solar power solutions can deliver for customers:

  • Reduced energy costs – irrespective of project ownership structure
  • Guaranteed new source of income by leasing land to CleanEarth for a wind turbine or solar array or from tariff payments if you invest
  • Increased value of your building: insight suggests that recent commercial property transactions which include rooftop solar PV have traded at premium prices
  • Improved green credentials: lower CO2 emissions and using renewable energy from sustainable sources
  • Staying ahead of legislative changes: recent rulings mean that sustainability and renewable energy will become important considerations for property owners
  • Protection from energy inflation: solar PV systems allow for fixed unit energy costs for the lifetime of the system under a PPA agreement.
Why Commercial Solar PV Installation?

We have installed commercial solar PV projects throughout the UK, including rooftop systems and ground mounted solar farms. Installing solar PV on commercial buildings has many benefits. For existing customers, these systems are generating an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of around 14-23% as well as improving their green credentials and credibility with trading partners through reduced carbon emissions.

The key benefit that solar PV delivers for businesses is the reduction in electricity bills. The energy produced by an onsite solar PV system is FREE for you to use and any excess (or unused) electricity is exported to the grid, for which you receive financial reward – over 15%.

Solar Supply – Power Purchase Agreement

The decision to install solar PV needs to be considered and can involve several contributing factors, one of which is cost. Through a Power Purchase Agreement, we can install your system for free and supply solar electricity to your commercial property at a price below your average daytime unit electricity cost.

The benefit of a Power Purchase Agreement is that the risk and cost is taken away from your business. Through the agreement, we can then supply you with low-cost electricity over a period of 25 years and deliver the associated carbon savings. If any additional electricity is required outside of what is provided via the solar PV system, this will be supplied by your existing supplier as normal.

You can find out more about our Commercial Solar PV service here and if you would like to know more about solar PV please do contact us or request a call back.



Why Install a Commercial Wind Turbine?

The installation of a wind turbine can offer long-term income with little or no risk to your company and is a recommended renewable option for high energy consuming businesses.

If you currently have land, or space available on your commercial property a wind turbine is a viable option, as wind is a natural and limitless source of energy. It can also help to improve your green credentials, as electricity generated from wind power has one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to other electricity generation methods. What’s more, wind turbines can recover their carbon debt within just a few years of installation.

We are a UK market leader in mid-range, individual wind turbines and were the first renewable company to have secured planning permission for a new wind turbine following the change in planning regulations by the UK Government.

With all wind turbine projects, we ensure that all sites are fully assessed to identify if wind is the correct renewable solution. As part of our service, our team of wind specialists manage the entire process which includes:

  • Undertaking detailed site studies
  • Identifying planning considerations
  • Arranging and chairing public consultation

Wind Turbine Finance

Like solar PV, the cost to install a wind turbine can be a barrier we can however, fully fund your wind turbine installation resulting in zero capital investment required from you. As the landowner, you would then receive 8-10% of the turbine’s gross income as land rental. This income is dependent on wind speeds but a 500kWp turbine with an average wind speed of 7m/second would earn £35k per annum based on current tariffs.


For businesses with land available, a wind turbine could be a logical and environmentally friendly investment. If you would like to know more about our commercial wind solution, please click here, find further details on wind finance here or contact our wind turbine specialists directly.