Solar Battery Storage & Solar PV Storage Solutions

solar battery storage

With ever increasing charges associated with energy consumption, powering your building or premises can be costly and the idea of solar PV storage or solar battery storage is a tempting one.

What is Solar PV Storage?

Solar PV panels work by converting the sun’s energy into electricity that can be used to power commercial properties, buildings and homes. Any energy that is surplus to requirements (not used during the day) is exported to the grid, which you would be paid for. However, with recent changes to legislation, the financial rewards and benefits of exporting additional energy to the grid is now minimal.

Solar PV storage, or solar battery storage, works by storing surplus energy (electricity) which is not utilised during operating or busy hours and is stored until it is required – most likely during evenings when there is minimal solar activity. The solar PV system invertor manages the flow of energy released to ensure that the energy is not wasted, resulting in a more energy efficient building or home.

When will Solar Battery Storage be available?

Solar storage is not a new idea and storage systems are available on the market. That said, here at CleanEarth we believe that the current market costs surrounding solar battery storage (lithium ion batteries) are still expensive despite the advances in technology. This ultimately means that in today’s market they do not represent an acceptable return on investment (ROI) to our customers – it is currently estimated to take over 10 years before a ROI is expected to be seen.

The developments in battery storage are progressing quickly and we expect to see/provide solar battery storage options in the very near future.

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