Rush Wall Lane Wind Turbine

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Thank you for supporting the Land off Rush Wall Lane wind turbine proposal. Please enter your details in the form below. You can add your own reasons for supporting the proposal in the free text box, or alternatively, please see below for some examples as to why this project deserves your support:

  • The Land off Rush Wall Lane wind turbine will have an annual generation of over 8,900,000kWh. This will generate enough electricity to power over 2,300 Welsh homes.
  • The proposed wind turbine at Land off Rush Wall Lane will save over 3,000 tonnes of carbon each year, compared to the equivalent fossil fuel production.
  • The site has been shown to be suitable for wind by the turbines already in-situ in this area, and is therefore a good site to generate clean energy.
  • The turbine will sit well with the existing development in this area of Newport, including the other operational turbines and electrical pylons.
  • The turbine proposal has been shown to comply with all environmental considerations, and will therefore not have a significant impact on the environment.
  • The development at Land off Rush Wall Lane will provide a significant community benefit to be used within the local area.
  • The wind turbine proposal is in line with national and local policy on renewable energy and sustainable development, and contributes to target reductions in carbon emissions and alternative energy requirements.