Commercial Energy Solutions

CleanEarth have helped hundreds of commercial customers turn their roof-space into a financial asset and reduce their commercial energy and heating costs.

In light of ever rising energy costs, climate change and evolving legislation, the need for robust, low-carbon alternative energy solutions has never been greater. CleanEarth have advised hundreds of commercial energy customers on the best way to make the most of their premises using renewable energy.

We have helped a variety of customers and understand that each one is different, including chilled storage distribution centres, food manufacturers, garden centres, theme parks, holiday parks, sports clubs and even a monkey sanctuary! Our range of renewable energy solutions enables us to identify the right system for your business.

Installing commercial solar power or a wind turbine for your business can generate significant income, provide energy savings and reduce your carbon emissions.

Benefits of renewable energy for business

Improving the bottom line in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is a critical objective for modern businesses. CleanEarth’s renewable energy solutions deliver the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Reduced energy costs – irrespective of project ownership structure
  2. Guaranteed new source of income by leasing land to CleanEarth for a wind turbine or solar array or from tariff payments if you invest
  3. Increased value of your building: insight suggests that recent commercial property transactions which included rooftop solar PV have traded at premium prices
  4. Improved green credentials: lower CO2 emissions and using renewable energy from sustainable sources
  5. Staying ahead of legislative changes: recent rulings mean that sustainability and renewable energy will become important considerations for property owners
  6. Protection from energy inflation: solar PV systems allow for fixed unit energy costs for the lifetime of the system under a PPA agreement.

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