Solar Power for Landowners

Solar Power offers a variety of options for farms and landowners.

Landowner Solar power provides farmers with a low cost daytime energy source to complement the national night time electricity rates available to agricultural users.

Solar panels can be roof mounted to utilise redundant roof space or ground mounted to make use of lower grade land.

Farms which consume high levels of electricity will benefit from solar power. For example, dairy farmers with robotic milking parlours can easily plan their energy use and costs, as the robots use the same amount of electricity 24/7, giving a constant load profile.


CleanEarth’s experience enables our team to complete a full site survey and energy audit which considers the aspects of your roofs or land, roof condition, assessment of your energy consumption data to recommend the best solar array for your site. CleanEarth have a successful track record of installing solar PV solutions overcoming a variety of challenges. Our comprehensive and proactive approach means we deliver projects with no fuss or risks for you, on time and within budget.

landowner solar power

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