Wind Power for Land Owners

A wind turbine can create great opportunities to landowners; enabling them to utilise wind power on both used and unused land.

landowner wind power

CE are the UK leaders in single mid-scale wind turbines and have a geographically diverse portfolio of active wind power projects across England, Scotland and Wales. The team at CE have taken on and successfully completed many projects where others have failed.

Wind power offers amazing benefits to land owners; not only does it provide a considerable income, but there is also no financial risk thanks to CE’s unique Wind Financing scheme. In return for using land for the wind turbine, the landowner could receive an annual land rental which typically amounts to 8-10% of the gross income of the turbine.

Due to CE’s unique in-house skills set, we are able to provide turnkey projects from initial site investigation, through to planning, construction and post-completion O&M. This has meant that the team has been able to overcome many difficult hurdles to deliver successful projects.

One of the most impressive feats by the team at CE this year was the Castell Llwyd project, where the turbine went from final planning approval to completion and commission in just 25 days! The vast experience of our expert team, and hard work and dedication over a busy Christmas period, meant that the project was completed 24 hours before the commission deadline, resulting in the project being completed successfully against all odds.

CE use all their expertise to ensure that projects have the best chance of being realised. At Bedlwyn Turbine the team used the same model of turbine that was already in the vicinity to ensure ease of approval. On the same site, land that was excavated for the build was reinstated to other areas of the farm to create more useable land for the landowner.

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