Roof Mounted Solar Power

CleanEarth’s solar power specialists can design a roof mounted solar panel array to turn your redundant roof space into a financial asset.

Depending on which financial option you choose you will either generate electricity via roof mounted solar panels that you can use for free or have the opportunity to buy your electricity from CleanEarth at a reduced rate – typically 50-60% less than your current energy unit costs.

Roof Mounted Solar Installation

Roof Mounted Solar Installation

Roof mounted solar panels are fixed to the roofs of the building and in most cases the electricity is connected to the building’s power supply for the inhabitants to use. Any electricity which is not used is exported to the grid. South facing roofs are optimal but east west orientations also generate electricity evenly throughout the day. We are proud of our design expertise and tenacity in overcoming challenges and have even installed solar panels on a north facing roof for a customer who was committed to introducing renewable energy in to their business.

Almost all modern buildings are able to support a solar panel array and we undertake a simple desktop evaluation followed by a thorough onsite feasibility and structural survey for every project. Even if you have an older building, our in-house expertise and robust processes will provide you with the reassurance that your roof is suitable for a solar PV installation before any work begins.

Roof mounted Solar Finance Options