Roof Mounted Solar Finance Options

The costs of solar panels vary but CleanEarth can install solar power for free under a Power Purchase Agreement or customers can invest in their own systems.

There are two simple financial options to consider for a solar power installation; you can purchase the system, which includes paying the capital investment and planning costs yourself and you receive free electricity and the tariff income. Alternatively CleanEarth can pay for the roof-mounted system and you buy your electricity from us under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – typically saving 50-60% on energy unit costs.

Purchased System

When a customer buys their own system the power generated is available for them to use for free. Customers can plan their future energy costs, as their energy use can be plotted against the predicted solar panels productivity to give an accurate system profile. Customers can calculate how much free power they will use from their solar array and how much, if any, they will need to import from the grid.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for free systems

Under PPA customers are protected from unstable energy inflation costs for the lifetime of the system (20 years as standard). CleanEarth will only charge you for the electricity that you use, with the rest of the power generated from the solar array exported to the grid. The unit energy costs of electricity under our PPA is below that of grid energy price and increase in line with RPI. Unit energy costs starts from as little as 5p/kWh which can equate to a saving of up to 60% for some customers.

CleanEarth finance options for solar systems

Cost of solar panels

Solar panels cost vary due to a number of factors. All buildings are different as there are variations in roof fabric, structure, pitch and orientation. These factors affect the installation costs as well as the efficiency of the array. We undertake a simple desktop evaluation to analyse initial suitability, which is then followed with a more thorough onsite feasibility and structural survey by one of our engineers. We will contact the local grid operator (DNO) on your behalf to ensure that we are able to export any energy you don’t use to the grid.