• Would you like to receive regular payments to heat your building for the next 20 years?1
  • Do you worry about fossil fuel prices creeping up again (oil has gone up by 10% in a month2)?
  • Do you need to heat a large space?
  • Do you have a difficult space to heat?
  • Do you need to heat water?
  • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions – then Cleanearth’s AirFlow system is the solution.

Cleanearth’s AirFlow unit is a fully automated and flexible wood pellet renewable heating solution for commercial and industrial spaces.  With a wide output range between 9kW and 80kW across four different models, our AirFlow units offer a cost effective form of heating for any size building.

Each AirFlow unit comes pre-assembled and can be installed by one of our experienced engineers within two days, keeping disruption and inconvenience to a minimum. Each unit is eligible for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff payments, which are paid quarterly for 20 years.

Why AirFlow?

• RHI Compliant

• 90%+ efficiency at full output

• Automatic fuel delivery from a 400 litre (250kg) pellet bin as standard

• Automatic heat exchanger cleaning and ash transportation into a wheeled ash bin

• Automatic, controlled heat output

• Output range from 9kW – 80kW

• Easy to use colour touch-screen control

• Option to add vacuum feed from bulk pellet hopper to eliminate manual fuel handling

• Hydraulic circuit can be extended to hot water and central heating

• Fully installed in only two days


Example 50kW AirFlow Cost and Benefit
Typical Installation Price £12,000 + VAT
RHI Payments to you3 £3,795 / year
Your annual Fuel Cost4 £3,645
Total RHI Payments to you5 £92,200
Total Return On Investment6 33%


To find out more please call Cleanearth today on 0800 975 5635 (free phone) or e-mail: enquiries@cleanearthenergy.com


1 Payments are made directly into your bank account from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, administered by Ofgem. Payments are guaranteed, index linked and paid on quarterly heat meter readings for 20 years. 2 9.7% increase in average oil price between 2/2/15 and 1/3/15 (Source: boilerjuice.com) 3 Based on full load operating hours for 15% of the year (64,649kWh) and the small scale non-domestic RHI tariff rate of 5.87p/kWh from 1st April 2015. 4Wood pellet fuel cost for 15 tonnes at £230/tonne.5Based on the stated annual RHI payments over the 20 year tariff period, index linked to annual RPI inflation at 2%. 6ROI over 20 years assuming no fuel saving over existing heating method. Annual fuel inflation set at 3%.

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