NATCO Foods’ commitment to operating in an environmentally responsible manner is demonstrated by their investment in a second Solar PV installation – a 180kWp system at NATCO Cash and Carry, Hayes, installed by CleanEarth (CE).

The PV system was installed within a site being developed to include new office space and a new staff canteen – and will save the equivalent of over 50,000kgs of CO2 per annum. The investment in Solar PV will help NATCO Foods reduce their energy costs, by using the generated electricity for free, simultaneously reducing demand for electricity imported from the grid.

NATCO Cash and Carry supply independent retailers, and are capable of supplying over 20,000 products ranging from cereals, chilled and frozen products, health foods and household products.

CE designed, planned and completed the installation on this new east / west orientated box profile roof. Solaredge inverters were selected by CE which will optimise the performance of the Solar PV system and maximise NATCO Foods’ return on investment.

Luke Pagarani, NATCO Foods’ Managing Director commented:

“This was one of the easiest business decisions I have ever taken. With climate change already happening, there is no reason to delay pivoting away from fossil fuels to face the sun. Reducing our carbon footprint is a fundamental goal for NATCO Foods and this latest investment in Solar PV reflects that. The project will pay for itself financially as well as contributing to a more sustainable planet. CleanEarth managed every aspect of the installation at NATCO Cash and Carry, completing it quickly and efficiently without any disruption to our business.”