Affordable solar energy is something we’ve all been hoping for for decades. Now it is within reach. Yet the EU is threatening that through the imposition of anti-dumping duties on solar products from China. We only have a few months to reverse this decision and it can only be done if EU countries object. Cleanearth feel strongly about this and that is why we have joined The Alliance for Solar Energy (AFASE).


The Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy  (AFASE) is a coalition of over 700 companies in the European PV industry representing more than 63,000 EU jobs that uses collective advocacy and communications to address the risks of protectionism, and promote the benefits of free trade for solar energy products. The AFASE is registered as an association under German law.

AFASE seeks to inform policy makers, industry and citizens about:

  • The interconnected global PV supply chain
  • EU jobs and economic benefits from PV
  • The importance of cost reductions in solar for EU Climate and RE targets
  • The negative employment consequences of protectionism

“Free and fair trade is an essential foundation for the cost effective adoption of solar technology worldwide.  The introduction of punitive anti-dumping tariffs to protect a small number of uncompetitive European manufacturers not only threatens thousands of UK jobs, but undermines progress towards a low carbon economy.”  comments Josh Bower, Cleanearth Commercial Manager.

If you also feel strongly about this, please join us in supporting the campaign for affordable solar energy at

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