Cleanearth are UK market leaders in medium scale (60m to 100m to tip) turbines. We have installed 12 EWT wind turbines over the past three years – with a further 6 turbines currently being installed and another 6 progressing through planning.

Cleanearth have also installed Endurance and NPS turbines.

Installing a wind turbine offers landowners a long-term income  with no risk and at zero cost to landowners.  Cleanearth can manage the entire project from planning through to installation and ongoing maintenance, and the landowner will receive an income from the power generated.[mk_table style=”style1″]

Capital investment Zero. CleanEarth are responsible for all costs associated with turbine erection – including access and grid connection costs.
Income Land rental – 8-10% of turbine gross income – no hidden costs or profit manipulation. Revenues open to landowner scrutiny.
Legal or planning costs Zero. CleanEarth are responsible for all planning costs, and we will cover your legal fees.
Support CleanEarth remotely monitor, operate and maintain the turbine for the duration of the project (typically 25 years).

Cleanearth undertake detailed site studies and surveys to optimise the turbine solution to site and/or planning conditions. In doing so, we consider every aspect: from wind levels to grid connection and planning constraints.

Cleanearth are a Cornwall based company operating throughout the UK. As a consequence of our Cornish pedigree, we understand the opportunities renewable energy technologies offer to agricultural and commercial landowners alike.

In light of rising energy costs and climate change, the need for a robust, low carbon energy alternative has never been greater.  We have advised hundreds of landowners on the best way to make the most of opportunities that their land may offer.

Cleanearth are the natural choice for any landowner considering renewable energy.

For further information please call us on 0800 975 5635 or register your land here.

 “From day one to completion the Cleanearth team were both very professional and knowledgeable. They kept us well informed and worked tirelessly to keep things moving through planning and dealt with all the challenges that came along in the most positive way. I look forward to working with them both now and in the future.” Adrian Finnimore, Papillon wind turbine

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