Save money on your electricity – We can install your renewable energy system for free, with no capital investment from you – you can buy the electricity you need from CleanEarth at a price below the grid supply cost (typically saving 50-60% on unit energy costs)

Generate income –

  • Export power – if you pay for your installation, you can sell any electricity you do not use back to the grid. If you have tenants, they can also benefit from your renewable energy system
  • Tariff income – renewable energy systems are also eligible for government tariffs – the Feed in Tariff (FiT) for wind and solar, Renewable Obligation Certificate Scheme (ROCS) for solar, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for biomass boilers
  • Land lease – CleanEarth may lease your land for a wind turbine or solar array, guaranteeing an income for you

We find solutions that work for all parties – we can provide the technologies and flexible finance options – from fully financed to purchased – that work best for your business needs

We manage all aspects of commissioning and accreditation

CleanEarth guarantee and warrant every system we install to give you peace of mind


Renewable energy systems generate power from sustainable, natural sources of energy

This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and consequently reduces CO2 emissions, which harm the environment

Wind turbines and solar PV recover their carbon debt from the manufacturing process within a few years of their installation – solar panels within 2 years and wind turbines within 3-4 years

Switching to renewable energy improves the green credentials of your company – an increasingly vital consideration in today’s environmentally conscious markets

Demonstrating environmental commitments adds value to your brand


An amendment to The Energy Act 2011 will mean it will become unlawful from April 2018 to let

premises that fail to meet minimum energy efficiency standards – currently it is estimated that around 20% of non-domestic buildings could fail to meet this standard.


We could improve your premises’ energy rating with one of our renewable energy systems at no cost to you.

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