At CleanEarth we believe it is now obvious that the adoption of carbon-free energy generation is a necessity if we want to minimise the consequences of global warming for future generations.

The good news is that the commercial arguments for investing in renewable energy are becoming more compelling as every year passes.

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energy generation

Pressures from energy prices, carbon targets, corporate conscience, and consumer and investor sentiment are all driving rapid technological advances while also becoming aligned with what makes most financial sense for UK business.

At the heart of this is the distributed generation of power from renewable sources.

We work with businesses to find the solutions that meet their energy needs, their financial demands, and their environmental responsibilities.

As decarbonisation and energy procurement increasingly become strategic concerns for businesses, our role at CleanEarth is to provide the specialist knowledge and technical expertise you need to make the right, responsible decision.

  • Wind turbine and wind farm development
  • Rooftop and ground-mount solar PV installations
  • what the generating capacity is for the site
  • Asset management services
  • Over 1,000 projects completed
  • 60 MWp installed
  • Generating enough to power 20,000 homes
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 50,000 tonnes a year


CleanEarth is a fast moving, innovative and ambitious company.

Our success is built on talent, expertise and determination, so naturally we are always interested in hearing from others who are similarly motivated with a passion for growth.

If you’d like to find out more about a renewable energy career with CleanEarth, please send your CV and cover letter to recruitment@cleanearthenergy.com,

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Current vacancies

With a growing pipeline of wind turbine and solar PV projects, we are looking to fill the following roles.

For more details on each position, just click on the link.

CleanEarth are looking for a motivated and organised Electrical Engineer to join our existing team.

View job spec: Electrical Installer Feb 24

CleanEarth are looking for a motivated and organised Electrical Operations & Maintenance Engineer to join our expanding

View job spec: O&M Engineer Nov 23

Our ethos


We take pride in getting the job done whatever barriers stand in the way. We’ve completed projects that others have walked away from, completed three month projects in three weeks, and found innovative ways of overcoming regulatory, logistical and financial hurdles that less determined companies would see as insurmountable. We are not easily deterred from our purpose.


We are proud of the breadth and depth of expertise that our people bring to our clients’ projects. This blend of specialist knowledge and long-term experience runs across every discipline we practice: planning, design, financial, engineering, electrics and construction.


The responsibility to protect future generations against the effects of global warming rests with all of us, and at CleanEarth we live by this both individually and as a business. We believe this is best served by being transparent and impartial in our recommendations to clients, enabling them to do the right thing for their business and the environment.

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