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Finding the solution that others missed: innovative grid connection makes the unviable viable

The adjacent sites of Boghead and Craigthornhill in South Lanarkshire had both received planning permission before CleanEarth’s involvement, but the projects had been abandoned after being deemed unviable by previous developers.

Each is now home to a 500 kW EWT turbine.

Bringing these two projects to completion required a mix of lateral thinking and persistence from our in-house planning and project management teams. Their key insight was that while neither project was viable alone, they could be made to work if the grid connection route was shared.

If costs were shared for the 10 km of cabling, both sites became economically compelling. This was despite the technical challenges of directional drilling beneath the River Avon, with steep angles over a distance of 250 m and at depths up to 100 m.

Without the problem-solving attitude and the drive to make it happen, these turbines would probably never have been built. And South Lanarkshire would not be generating 3.5 million kWh of renewable energy and saving over a thousand tonnes of carbon every year.

CleanEarth handled the turbine construction, operation and maintenance with speed and efficiency. I want another ten turbines on my land!

Robert Leggate
| Boghead Landowner
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