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UK’s highest performing EWT 500 kW wind turbine achieves capacity factors over 80%

The Greensplat turbine is located on top one of the highest, man-made tips within the Imerys mining landscape near St Austell, Cornwall. As a result of this prime, elevated location, it is the highest producing 500 kW EWT turbine in the UK, seeing capacity factors of over 80% during some of the windier winter months.

Not only does the turbine exploit Cornwall’s excellent wind resources, it also complements the energy-intensive industries that historically defined this Cornish mining landscape – and still do today.

The location, however, did not come without its difficulties.

Extensive consultation was needed with Newquay Cornwall Airport and various MOD bases to overcome a number of holding objections. Also, due to the turbine’s location on a tip consisting of made ground, a complex foundation using 25 x 25m piles was installed, and a steep dedicated access track built – all in line with the strict health and safety regulations that govern working in and alongside operational mines.

Despite these complexities, Greensplat turbine was operational within nine months.

CleanEarth are helping to regenerate industrially disturbed land in close proximity to a number of small communities. They have done this by providing financial support and building a strong relationship with the local community through attending community events and educational days for local primary schools and through holding extensive public consultations.

Peter Clemo
| Treverbyn Parish Councillor
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