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South Brownhill

Annual output



Annual carbon saving



Lifetime carbon saving



Installation type: Wind Farm

Installation size: 18.6 MW

CleanEarth are proposing three wind turbines on Land at South Brownhill, Strathaven, Lanarkshire, ML10 6QP.

The proposal has an estimated annual energy yield of approximately 56GWh, the equivalent of powering over 15,500 South Lanarkshire homes. The project will save more than 11,500 metric tonnes of carbon annually, with a predicted lifetime saving of over 415,000 metric tonnes – making a significant contribution to Scotland’s carbon reduction targets to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, and the UK’s target to achieve this by 2050.

A public consultation was held on Thursday 23 November 2023.

Any enquiries can be sent to or by using the form below.

South Brownhill Environmental Statement
South Brownhill Non-Technical Summary

Appendix B – Site Plans:
Location Plans

Appendix C – Turbine Specification:
Switching Station
Turbine Elevation

Appendix D – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment:
LVIA South Brownhill
Fig 1 – Location Plan – South Brownhill_P0651

Fig 2 – Site Analysis – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 3 – Cumulative Wind Energy Schemes – South Brownhill_P0651_Rev A
Fig 4 – Landscape Relevant Designations – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 5 – National and Regional Landscape Character – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 6 – Local Landscape Character – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 7 – Principal Visual Amenity Receptors – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 8A – ZTV Hub (45km) – South Brownhill_P0651Fig 8B – ZTV TIP (45km) – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 9A – ZTV Hub (15km) – South Brownhill_P0651Fig 9B – ZTV Tip (15km) – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 10A-C – Viewpoint 1 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 11A-C – Viewpoint 2 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 12A-C – Viewpoint 3 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 13A-C – Viewpoint 4 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 14A-C – Viewpoint 5 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 15A-C – Viewpoint 6 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 16A-C – Viewpoint 7 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 17A-C – Viewpoint 8 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 18A-C – Viewpoint 9 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 19A-C – Viewpoint 10 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 20A-C – Viewpoint 11 – South Brownhill_P0651
Fig 21A-C – Viewpoint 12 – South Brownhill_P0651

Appendix E – Ecology:
Ecological Impact Assessment South Brownhill
Habitat Management Plan South Brownhill
Habitat Survey South Brownhill
Ornithological Survey South Brownhill
Outline Construction Management Plan South Brownhill
Protected Species Survey South Brownhill

Appendix F – Heritage Impact Assessment:
Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix G – Noise:
Noise Report South Brownhill
Noise Assessment – Cumulative

Noise Assessment – Site Specific
Noise Assessment Location Map

Appendix H – Hydrology & Geology:
Hydrology Hydrogeology and Geology EIA_compressed
Peat Landslide Risk Assessment_compressed
Peat Management Plan
Peat Survey Report
Watercourses and Infrastructure Inventory

Appendix I – EMI & Aviation:
Aviation Supporting Statement South Brownhill

Appendix J – Shadow Flicker:
Shadow Flicker Report

Appendix K – Construction Transport Management Plan:
Entrance Plans and Visibilty Splays
Stage 1&2 Road Safety Audit Designers Response Report
Stage 1&2 Road Safety Audit
Swept Path Analysis