With over a decade’s experience in renewable energy, having completed 40+ wind turbine developments and installed over 700 solar PV systems, our team has a proven track record in delivering cost-saving, clean energy to businesses throughout the UK. 

Our in-house expertise is available as a service to independent owners of wind and solar assets, who need access to in-depth knowledge in management, maintenance, and operation.

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Operations & Maintenance

Clean Earth provide Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to several large-scale solar farms and over 200 rooftop installations, as well as managing a portfolio of over 50 large wind turbines.

Our services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients. With an HV-qualified team there are no restrictions to our maintenance service.

We are committed to maintaining our clients’ assets to the highest standards, ensuring they operate safely and effectively to deliver maximum financial returns.

Asset Management

As owners ourselves of 25 individual wind turbines and 90 solar PV installations across the UK, we have a detailed understanding of how to extract the maximum value from the asset.

That’s why the owners of renewable energy assets trust us to manage them on their behalf.

We have dedicated teams who manage all aspects of the assets including in-house accounts department, project management, operations and maintenance, and planning.


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