Wind Turbines & Wind Power

CleanEarth is the market leader in mid-range, individual wind turbines in the UK

Our wind turbine energy experts undertake detailed site studies and surveys to provide you with the reassurance that wind turbines are the best solution for your site. We assess everything from wind speed to all of the key planning considerations prior to establishing whether an economically viable grid connection can be secured.

We were the first renewable energy company to secure planning permission for a new turbine after the recent introduction of new planning restrictions by the UK Government.

Electricity generated from wind power has one of the lowest carbon footprints compared with other forms of electricity generation. As a leader within the wind sector, CleanEarth understands the benefits of wind power for our customers. Our in-house team of specialists manage every step of the process meaning there is no risk or legwork for you.

We operate a simple land-lease system whereby CleanEarth rents a small area of customers’ land for twenty five years (normally an area of only 20 metres by 20 metres) meaning that we own the turbine and you receive land rent without any costs whatsoever.

Benefits of Wind Turbines

The most significant benefit of wind power is that it is a natural, limitless source of energy. In the UK our climate provides one of the best resources of wind in Europe, making wind power one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy available for landowners.

Landowners benefit from guaranteed land rental income for 25 years with no capital costs and limited involvement in the process – CleanEarth manage the process from start to finish.

Wind turbines can work for high energy consuming commercial businesses, such as manufacturers and printers, who are able to spare a little land and then benefit from significant savings on their unit energy costs.

Embracing wind power improves your green credentials by generating power from a sustainable, natural source and reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, which consequently reduces CO2 emissions. Wind turbines recover their carbon debt from the manufacturing process within a few years of their installation.

For further information about wind turbines and the benefits of wind power visit our FAQs.

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  • How do wind turbines work?

    The wind spins the blades, which turn a generator inside the turbine and produces electricity. The rotor in the turbines that CleanEarth installs directly drives the generator without the use of a gearbox. Eliminating the gearbox means that the number of rotating components is reduced and therefore, the wear and tear on the parts is also reduced, leading to a lower maintenance need.

    Wind turbine technology is continually advancing and the turbines we install produce high energy yields, low noise levels and are low maintenance. The absence of a gearbox as well as the optimised aerodynamic profile of the wind turbine blades reduces noise levels, which is critical for planning approvals.