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Solar hat-trick for pro audio manufacturers

Audiotonix is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mixing consoles and professional audio equipment. They operate at seven sites that stretch from the Scottish Lowlands to the Cornish Riviera, and CleanEarth has installed solar PV systems on three of them.

The combined lifetime savings from these installations will be over £2.3 million, and they will also save some 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Allen & Heath are based in Penryn, Cornwall, not far from CleanEarth’s HQ. Their 132 kW system will achieve payback in just over four years, as they generate their own electricity for 4.2p per kWh compared with the 17p per kWh they were paying for energy from the grid.

At the other end of the country, DiGiCo are located in Glenrothes, Fife. While irradiation levels in Scotland’s Lowlands may not match those of Cornwall, the 97 kW system is still projected to make commercially compelling cost savings.

Between the two, Solid State Logic in Begbroke, Oxfordshire installed a 180 kW system that will achieve payback in under four years. Their import costs were close to 36p per kWh, so the 157 MWh they generate each year will significantly reduce their energy bills.

With CleanEarth’s guidance and expertise we have been able to take the leap of self-generating electricity since 2022. The solar PV installations have proven to be a great benefit to our sustainability goals and are appreciated by our shareholders, employees and customers.

Tony Williams
| Group Operations Director, Audiotonix

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