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As a wholesaler based in the foodie mecca of Ludlow, Bikold Foodservice need plenty of power to keep their extensive cold storage facilities running 24/7. And with electricity prices showing both volatility and an upward trajectory in recent years, it made sense to fix some of those costs by investing in solar PV.

A significant portion of their baseload demand is now being met by power from a 560-panel, 145 kW rooftop system, designed and installed by CleanEarth. This generates some 115,000 kWh per annum while preventing over 50 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Bikold Foodservice have been distributing ambient, chilled and frozen products across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and mid-Wales for more than 40 years. They have always been passionate about supporting independent businesses in the area, sourcing from local producers where possible, and they are committed to preserving the region’s environment.

By investing in renewable energy Bikold made a powerful statement about the responsibility of businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, and they set an example to customers and suppliers alike that should have a positive impact across the whole supply chain.

CleanEarth managed the installation process efficiently and professionally from start to finish, with no disruption to our business. They are a joy to work with!

Tony Davies
| General Manager, Bikold Foodservice
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