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Burngullow, Cornwall

Installation Type: Single wind turbine

Installation Size: 4.1 MW

CleanEarth are proposing a single wind turbine up to 135m in height, with associated infrastructure and access track, located within the China Clay area in St Austell, Cornwall.

The proposed Burngullow turbine is located within an industrial area that has been influenced by mining activities. The Burngullow turbine is expected to have an annual generation of over 13 GWh, sufficient to power over 3,000 Cornish homes. The carbon savings of the project are just over 2,500 tonnes of carbon annually with a predicted lifetime saving of nearly 100,000 tonnes – making a significant contribution to Cornwall’s carbon reduction targets in the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2030.

The proposed site falls within the northern fringes of the St Mewan Parish. The project will direct an annual contribution fund to aid local projects and causes in the community.

A public consultation was held on 10th August 2022.

Any enquiries can be made by phone on 01208 895576, or by email to

Further details can be found under reference PA23/09937 on the Cornwall planning portal.