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Imerys UK Head Office goes for export-limited solar to supplement their wind power generation

Having had four wind turbines constructed by CleanEarth at their various sites in the south west, Imerys chose an alternative renewable option for their Par Moor Centre in Cornwall.

We installed a 250 kWp solar PV array using the latest export limiting software to control the power exported to Imerys’ private network.

The array will produce 260,000 kWh solar electricity per annum, 100% of which will be consumed on-site as the Centre is operational 24 hours a day with numerous laboratories consuming high levels of energy.

CleanEarth provided a complete turnkey project management service, undertaking all aspects of the installation by utilising our own in-house team of expert engineers, electricians and installers to ensure no disruption to ongoing productions at the site.

Imerys have made a major commitment to the production and use of renewable energy, which has created a positive environmental and economic benefit out of otherwise redundant land.

As a capex-free installation for Imerys, the array is owned and operated by CleanEarth. Once the 20 year term is complete we will either remove the system at our own cost, or leave it in place so it can continue generating carbon-free energy for another 10 years.

Dean Robson
| Managing Director, CleanEarth
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