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Export restrictions and lack of Feed-in Tariff? Natco Foods show that solar PV can still make business sense

The 500 kWp rooftop system for Natco Foods’ Buckingham processing hub shows that solar PV installations can be economically viable without any help from government subsidies.

As an extension to an existing 250 kWp system it was not eligible for the Feed-in Tariff. And with Western Power imposing constraints on power exported to the grid, it was also crucial that the installation was sized so that the majority of the generated electricity would be consumed on-site.

CleanEarth conducted a detailed analysis of the site’s load profile and worked closely with the network operator to make sure export restrictions would be adhered to.

The system was installed in just five weeks and with minimal disruption to Natco Foods’ day-to-day operations. With all aspects of the project handled by our in-house teams, they reacted quickly to any issues that arose, which helped make sure everything was delivered on schedule.

The 1,900 panels installed for Natco Foods will save some 3 thousand tonnes of CO2 during their 25 year lifetime, while generating 420,000 kWh per year to power their business.

If you’re investing in renewable energy on this scale, its essential to find the right partner. CleanEarth bought the same technical know-how and can do attitude to this project as demonstrated on our Hayes project.

Luke Pagarani
| Managing Director, Natco Foods
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