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It’s no secret that sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial across all industries. With 2023 being the warmest year on record, it’s a crucial time for businesses and their sustainability goals. For Secure Innovation, they were looking to supercharge their push to Net Zero by moving their energy consumption to renewables as much as possible, and we were more than happy to help.

Secure Innovation had been awarded a £600,000 investment from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Good Growth programme, which they matched with £200,000. This gave them the support they needed to adopt a sustainable solution for their factory and innovation centre in Saltash, Cornwall. Wanting to improve their operational efficiency and the working environment of their team, they chose solar PV with CleanEarth.

Our in-house team managed every stage, from groundworks to an upgrade of Secure Innovation’s supply with the National Grid. We built them an installation of 374 solar PV panels with a capacity of 160 kWp. This system will go on to generate over 160,000 kWh annually – providing around 40% of their annual electricity demand.   

Secure Innovation will be saving nearly 31 tonnes of CO2 per year, accumulating savings of over 720 tonnes across the system’s lifetime. With these reductions come cost savings of over £700,000.

Not only that, but we installed 10 EV chargers on site so Secure Innovation can give their team and visitors a place to charge up at no extra cost. As of early 2024, using a public charger reportedly comes with a 20% VAT – a stark increase from home chargers with a VAT of 5%. Secure Innovation’s new EV chargers will go a long way to making EV’s more accessible to their team, paving the way to further carbon reductions. In the long-term, Secure Innovation also plan to lessen the number of longer car journeys made for work overall to support reductions in fuel use.

By making the most of the Good Growth fund, Secure Innovation have invested in the longevity of their business through nurturing their working environment, protecting their energy security, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Every contribution to Net Zero is valuable, and we’re proud to have supported this step into a greener future for Secure Innovation.

This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation, and from consultation to installation, we have been very impressed with the performance of CleanEarth.

Tony Westington
| Managing Director, Secure Innovation

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