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Helping one of the south west’s sustainability trailblazers meet their ambitious goals.

This 150 kW solar PV system is just one example of St Austell Printing Company’s commitment to the environment.

Split across the roofs of two buildings on a state of the art campus, it will generate 130,000 kWh every year, with almost all of that being consumed on-site.

Going solar had always been part of the long-term plan for the Cornish company. They built their new factory using sustainable materials and were awarded an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating – the world’s leading sustainability assessment for buildings.

Their environmental commitment also extends to using only recycled and sustainably sourced papers, following strict waste management practices (100% of waste paper is recycled), and even harvesting rainwater for the toilets.

CleanEarth continue to work with St Austell Printing Company to maximise the output and efficiency of their solar generation, providing operational and maintenance services for the 25-year life of the system. Electric vehicle charging points and LED lighting are also in the pipeline as the two companies work together to raise the bar for one of the region’s greenest businesses.

Printing is an energy-intensive business, so it makes commercial sense to generate as much of our own electricity as we can – especially as it will also keep 45 tons of carbon out of the atmosphere each year.

Beth Mayman
Operations Manager
St Austell Printing Company