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6.5 MW ground mount solar farm brings new productivity to 34 acres of lower-grade farmland

Treswarrow Farm in north Cornwall is owned by Richard Jones and family and is the base for his company South West Seeds Ltd.

CleanEarth secured planning approval and installed the 6.5 MWp ground mount solar farm, linking  it to the grid via a new 1,500 m underground 11 kV cable. In addition 500 m of 33 kV cable was also run below ground to maintain the openness of the site.

The 25,300 panels and 6 inverters were commissioned within 8 weeks, and the Treswarrow Solar PV Farm will generate enough energy each year to power over 1,600 homes, while saving nearly 60,000 tonnes of CO2 over its 20 year lifespan.

As Tristan Grimes, Technical Director at CleanEarth, commented, “the installation was substantial, both in terms of physical scale and scope of work required. The solar farm covers enough land to fit 19 football pitches and consumed over 75 kilometres of electrical cable. Through meticulous project planning, the site was commissioned on the day we forecast at the project outset.”

CleanEarth have done a splendid job here at Treswarrow Farm. Their ground contractors have done a highly professional job of keeping the site neat and tidying up the area after the construction was complete. They have been an excellent company to work with and highly professional.

Richard Jones
| Owner, South West Seeds
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