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Verdant Brewing Co started life in the founder’s kitchen, but they quickly out-grew it and now occupy a 1,500 sq m brewery in Penryn, Cornwall.

Before they moved in to their current premises they completely refurbished the building. As part of the project CleanEarth installed a 67 kWp roof-mounted solar PV system.

With a strong brand and distinctive visual style to maintain, Verdant were keen for the solar PV to complement the overall impact of the building. The installation also needed to be co-ordinated with the wider refurbishment, requiring close liaison with the other contractors – and working to a very tight timeframe.

Ongoing O&M

Once the installation was complete, CleanEarth’s involvement continued through an operations and maintenance contract. Daily monitoring has helped to maximise the system’s output and minimise downtime.

With over 90% of the electricity being consumed on-site, Verdant have generated over 125,000 kWh by Q3 2022 – putting the system well on track to smash its annual forecast for the second year running.

Huge cost savings

Verdant are now generating their own electricity for around 4p per kWh. UK businesses are currently paying an average of 18p per kWh* and have seen price rises of 29% between Q1 last year and Q1 this year. For manufacturers that rise is 66%.

By generating their own solar power, Verdant Brewing Co will save a projected £10,000 or more per year on their bills. You could buy a fair few pints with that.

*Source: BEIS Quarterly Energy Prices published June 2022

Ed and the rest of the CleanEarth team clearly grasped the logistical complexities of the project. It was reassuring for us to know they had the experience and the can-do attitude that the job demanded.

James Heffron
| Founder, Verdant Brewing Co

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