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Bristol brewery pursues aggressive Net Zero plan

Wiper and True are on a mission to reach Net Zero by 2030, and solar generation is central to their decarbonisation plans.

CleanEarth installed a 40 kW rooftop system at their brand new Bristol brewery in 2021. Two years later, with brewing capacity growing and the solar PV proving its effectiveness, we extended the system to four times its original size.

In addition to the solar installation, Wiper & True’s Net Zero pathway has seen them deploy specialist technology that captures the carbon dioxide produced as their beer ferments. Instead of being released into the atmosphere the CO2 is cleaned, stored and used elsewhere in the brewing process, creating a closed loop.

They also do all their local deliveries by electric van, make their labels from cornstarch instead of plastic, and use 100% FSC-certified cardboard in their packaging.

As one of the UK’s first brewers to employ a dedicated Sustainability Manager, Wiper & True’s commitment to the environment is clear. CleanEarth are proud to have worked with them on their Net Zero journey.

We chose CleanEarth because they were super efficient, quickly sending us really clear project plans, costs and ROI. On the install they were super professional, delivering a really neat installation. Superb company for solar installs!

Joseph Watts
| Sustainability Manager, Wiper & True

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