Public Consultation

Bears Down

Annual output



Annual carbon saving



Lifetime carbon saving



Installation type: wind farm repowering

Installation size: 22.5 MW

CleanEarth are proposing the repowering of Bears Down Wind Farm with five turbines up to 150m in height, and associated infrastructure, located on land at Bears Down, Trevilledor Cross.

The proposed repowering is expected to have an annual generation of over 71 GWh, sufficient to power over 14,000 Cornish homes. The carbon savings of the project are just over 15,000 tonnes of carbon annually with a predicted lifetime saving of nearly 530,000 tonnes – making a significant contribution to Cornwall’s carbon reduction targets in the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2030.

The proposed site falls along the border of St Ervan and St Mawgan-in-Pydar parishes. The project will direct an annual contribution fund to aid local projects and causes in the surrounding community.

A public consultation was held on Wednesday 29 November 2023.

Any enquiries can be made by phone on 01208 895576, by email to or by using the form below.

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Environmental Statement
Collaborative Benefits Opportunity

Appendix B – Site Plans: Location Plan small scale
Location Plan large scale
Site Compund
Substation Elevation
Block Plan T1
Block Plan T2
Block Plan T3
Block Plan T4
Block Plan T5
Entrance Plan and Visibility Splays

Appendix C – Turbine Specification: Turbine Specification

Appendix D – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment: Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Fig 11 – ZTV to Tip (10km)
Fig 12A-E – Viewpoint 1 (T)
Fig 13A-E – Viewpoint 2 (S)
Fig 14A-E – Viewpoint 3 (A)
Fig 15A-E – Viewpoint 4 (K)
Fig 16A-E – Viewpoint 5 (Q)
Fig 17A-E – Viewpoint 6 (J)
Fig 18A-E – Viewpoint 7 (C)
Fig 20A-E – Viewpoint 9 (M)
Fig 21A-E – Viewpoint 10 (B)
Fig 22A-E – Viewpoint 11 (G)
Fig 23A-E – Viewpoint 12 (O)
Fig 24A-E – Viewpoint 13 (H)
Fig 25A-E – Viewpoint 14 (V)
Fig 26A-E – Viewpoint 15 (L)

Appendix E – Ecology:
Ecological Impact Assessment
Biodiveristy Net Gain Report
Ornithology Technical ReportBat Technical Report

Appendix F – Heritage: Heritage and Archaeology

Appendix G – Noise: Noise Assessment
Annex 1
Annex 1.2
Annex 2
Annex 3

Appendix H – Hydrology & Geology: Flood Risk Assessment

Appendix J – Shadow Flicker: Shadow Flicker Assessment

Appendix K – Construction Transport Management Plan: CTMP
Transport Route Survey Report